Fire and Rain: Ecopoetry of California 

September 2018

Barn Owl

Strange Reefs

Cholla Needles

March 2018


Flash Flood

Sense of Dawn

night language

Water in the Dry Season

White-throated swifts

Minerva Rising

Spring 2017

The House and the Hawk

Plum Tree Tavern

April 2017 – Editor’s Pick for Best of 2017


The Avocet

Summer 2017


Silver Birch Press

September 16, 2016

Leaving Home

The Avocet

Fall 2016

Lunar Eclipse



Desert Fog

Mojave He[art] Review (Probably defunct)

November 2018

 landscape of drought 

 Voices of Desert Ghosts 

 Ghosts of the American Canal 

 Breaking the Back of Heaven 

Mojave River Review

Fall/Winter 2018

Melody on the Skin of the World (Page 107)

Lost and Found (Page 109)

Water Pantoum (Page 111)

Mojave River Review Winter 2018 


Winter 2019

Tanka Prose – Flickers

High Shelf

June 2019 Issue VII


Plum Tree Tavern

August 11, 2019 

composition for spring on the salton sea


Spring/Summer 2019

Tanka – savory tamales…

Cholla Needles

September 2019 Survival Issue


Like Wings

Dog Day Cicadas

The Algebra of Owls

Too Much

Probability of Love


October 2019 “Water”

Water Holy and Unholy


Winter 2020

Tanka Prose – Roses and Roadrunners


February 2020 “Portraits”

Still Life With Pioneer Mother 

San Diego Annual Review

Spring 2020

Tanka Prose – Swimming in Air

Cholla Needles

March 2020 

Six Tanka Sequences

El Portal

Spring 2020 

From Riverness:

   Lost Rivers of the LA Basin

Spark Literary Magazine

January 2021 



Spring 2021

Fourteen Ways of Looking

My Father’s Ties

Mockingheart Review

February 1, 2021 

Volume 6, Issue 1

Paint by Numbers

Cold Moon Journal

Painted Ladies Tanka

March 25, 2021 

The Raven’s Perch

Is That Love?

April 8, 2021 


June, 2021 

Still Life With Comet

Swainson’s Hawk Migration


Fall 2021 “Nightscapes”

The Scent of a Dark Moon Night

Autumn Sky Poetry

May 31, 2022

 Voices of Desert Ghosts


Sotto voce

The Poet

Family Anthology July 2022

The House on Moon Ranch Road

The Poet

Featured Poet October 12, 2022

Letter to My Father



Silence/Bear Haiga

Plum Tree Tavern

Autumn Moon Festival 2022

Two tanka


Fall 2022


Songbirds Sedoka 2023 Journal

Premier Online Edition 2023

Two Sedoka









Take a peak at some of my art photos

Inverted Syntax Blog Away

The Writing Submitting Life

Imagery of Words Collaboration

March 2019

Collaboration between Ginny Short and Mimi Jacaruso and Ginny Short and Amanda Gera.  Jacaruso and Gera each chose one of Ginny’s poems and created a piece of art exhibiting the spirit of the poems. 

My poem “Migration” was illustrated by artist (and poet) Mimi Jacaruso. See our collaboration here.

My poem “Seasonality” was illustrated by artist Amanda Gere. See our collaboration here.

The Book Bar Blog

March 2019

Review: How to Love a Country by Richard Blanco

Quill and Stylus Book Reviews

Be the Artist by Thomas “Detour” Evans

A History of Too Much: Adrianne Kalfopoulou 

The Imagist Poem: William Pratt, ed. 

Book Notes: Listening to the Savage: River Notes and Half-hear Melodies by Barbara Hurd 

 Goodreads Book Reviews 

The Oasis this Time by Rebecca Lawton

Doom with a View

What you Have Heard is True: A Memoir of Witness and Resistance

 Ribbons Book Reviews